Why Me?

August 31, 2015

In my last blog, I shared the “Truth About My Life As A Racecar Driver” and closed it with a promise that my next post would explain why I believe I make an excellent brand ambassador and spokesperson.

Writing this blog proved to not be any easier than others I’ve written. There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, and sometimes confidence can come off as arrogance, even if not intentional. With that said, it is my hope that I can share what I believe makes me valuable in the most genuine and meaningful way possible.

I’ve always said, “No one can sell you better than you can sell yourself” and it’s the truth if you’re honest with yourself. I have definitely never said that it’s an easy thing to do; most times it’s not at all. In my opinion, being honest with yourself boils down to looking deep inside and admitting your faults as well as embracing what makes you great.

For me, the ultimate scenario has always been to just show what I can do on a racetrack and get to know someone well enough so that they know my personal strengths and values.

This scenario however, is few and far between these days. We’re living in a 30-second elevator pitch world and this is particularly challenging if you’re not actively racing (due to lack of funding) and want people to believe in something that they can’t instantly see.

In short, you’ve got to be able to tell people why you’re good and why they need you. This simple fact is why I wanted to use my blog to put down and share the things I believe make me someone that can’t be overlooked.

Instead of making a list that states that I am driven, hardworking, honest, dedicated, strong, focused, etc., etc., I decided I would make a short list with the overarching components that make me valuable to a company and race team that I will represent.

1. Talent.

Performing on the racetrack will always be the most important part of racing to me. Although motorsports is driven by marketability and the “whole package”, competition and winning is my main focus. If I didn’t fully believe in my ability to perform competitively at the highest ranks of motorsports, I can truly say that I wouldn’t have persevered through all of the ups and downs over the course of my career. I am of the “constant improvement” mindset, and am in it for the long haul. When my dream opportunity finally comes together, I will work to always learn, develop and grow into the champion I know I can be. To learn more about my career and accomplishments, view my career highlights here.

2. I Get It.

I don’t see myself as just a walking billboard. I understand how the business of motorsports works from the inside out. The most important aspect of our sport is the relationship between the team and their sponsor-partners. It is one thing for a sponsor to put their logo on a racecar driven by a marketable and talented racecar driver. But it is another to work with a racecar driver who innately understands the initiative a company is taking when they sponsor a team and driver; how and why those marketing dollars are spent and how the cycle of sponsoring a racecar driver can equate to a return on investment for the company. I love the motorsports marketing model and the role I can play in a company’s success by performing on the racetrack, carrying the torch off the track and most importantly, continuing to develop a relationship with my fans. I am a racer that looks at my profession from a business perspective, analyzing all angles and always striving to provide maximum value. The growing support I have from loyal race fans waiting to see me back in a racecar proves this.

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3. Marketable. Since I claim to “get it”, I better be able to walk the walk too. When it comes to my marketability, I don’t think that being a woman in a male-dominated industry is the focal point for a creative CMO seeking a deep and powerful story to align his/her brand with. I have always thought my story of perseverance is what will be most powerful. Humble beginnings, family sacrifice, and continuous persistence despite much adversity over 21 years are the relatable attributes that make me appealing to fans of all ages and genders. To me, the fact that I am a woman is just a bonus, and I surely don’t have a problem owning my feminine side. In fact, I do love being a woman in motorsports and hope to use this to inspire girls around the world to go after their dreams. And a note to circle back to the top: Of course, speaking and communication skills are the red ribbon that ties the package together. I am very confident in my ability to satisfy this requirement and believe I can be the face and voice to spread the message for my perfect sponsor-partner in the near future.

To learn more on the background of this blog, please be sure to read my previous post, “The Truth About My Life As A Racecar Driver” which details the business side of our sport and helps explain why I haven’t been actively racing this season. It also gives a detailed account of some of my previous racing experiences and accomplishments.

To all of my loyal fans, thank you so much for sticking behind me and for supporting me. Your loyalty not only to me, but also to our sport as a whole continues to amaze, and I can’t wait for the day that you can help show (my) team and sponsor that they made the right choice when they chose me.

Live By NinTai,



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