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Shannon McIntosh’s forte is not limited to her on-track abilities. In fact, her business expertise has created even greater value in her professional racing career. Shannon McIntosh has been recognized by motorsports industry veterans and respected business leaders around the world such as billionaire Mark Cuban. The Tampa Bay Business Journal named her an “Up and Comer" and “Someone to Watch” for her keen sense of what it takes to build successful partnerships and businesses. A persistent, driven woman with a knack for creative marketing and social media, Shannon’s work-ethic born from humble beginnings have boosted her ability to continue pursuing passion in a sport that takes cents to make sense.

The Approach

  • Provide Value
  • Build Trust
  • Create Growth

Owned and operated by Shannon McIntosh, SM Inc. is positioned as one of the most unique and valuable marketing platforms in rising motorsports. Focused on the “big picture”, SMI works with businesses, identifying their target market and developing strategic marketing plans utilizing the 'Shannon McIntosh' brand’s properties and partnerships. This includes but is not limited to on & off track activation (visibility), web, as well as new & traditional media.

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