The Off Season...Is Not Really An "Off" Season!

March 19, 2013

March 19, 2013 – As the off-season began, I finally had time to dedicate myself to the business side of racecar driver Shannon McIntosh.

I have learned over the past six years in this business, that what you push out and “have to show” is what really matters. You can’t get face to face with everyone you’d like to, but you can ‘touch’ people with your personality and character, if you know how to make it into something tangible that can travel through the web or lay on paper.

When MySpace was big, I realized I could use something FREE to help further my career. I believed in my story and I wanted to be heard, so I learned a bit of coding and photoshop and was able to make a pretty “cool” MySpace (I thought so anyways!) and marketing materials.

I have continued to stand by this model, and was back to work this winter doing some updates in preparation for 2013 and beyond. I love to talk about my partners and amazing people that I meet so I wanted to dedicate a blog to some of the awesome people I’ve been so fortunate to work with the past few months!

I spent about two weeks in Vegas at the end of October (which is entirely too long to be in Vegas, by the way) at conventions. The first convention, Digital Dealer was and awesome experience and my experience there goes to show how powerful networking can be.

Greg Sampson is one of the most genuine, passionate people I have met in a long time and our friendship begun when Greg introduced himself and told me about an awesome team/company called DealerFire. Dealerfire is a website company based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin that specializes in auto dealership websites.

Like a domino effect, Greg and I stayed in touch and I developed a relationship with DealerFire who are my partners on my new website. After a visit to Dealerfire for their Christmas party and an appearance, we started work on the new! We launched the website in February and I could not be happier about the enthusiasm and energy that DealerFire brings to the table. A huge thanks to owner/founder Eric Hoopman for giving the green light, Tong Yang for an amazing vision and ability to design a story and Patty and Adam for facilitating the functionality end.

Prior to my trip to Wisconsin for the DealerFire Christmas party, Greg knew of my intent to not only get sponsors on board but plans of doing everything and anything to network and keep my passion alive! Through goodwill and nothing more – Greg made some more amazing connections and the Sampson family graciously welcomed me to their home for nearly a week!

The next connection Greg made was to a man and his team who not only takes photographs but creates/produces images that paint the picture of what ‘something’ is. David E Jackson and company are second to none and I can’t thank Dave, Trevor, Tobin Campbell, Jai Schmidt and Mark Plowman enough for putting together the looks and making everything come to life! Many of the new images that this Dave created are featured on my new website, and I couldn’t be happier to have these guys are part of the “team”.

Greg – I can’t express my appreciation for your genuine help and connections to some amazing quality people who really made some fantastic things come together for me!

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