Little Sis Turns 21

May 21, 2015

I suppose that as you get older, at some point you have to accept that your younger sibling isn’t the “little” sister or brother you picture in your mind anymore! It’s bittersweet but also an exciting time because my sister Staci and I are finally getting to be the age where we are developing a stronger relationship, despite being hundreds of miles apart. Our age difference is five years and we are complete opposites, so seeing eye-to-eye or understanding each other was always a little tough growing up.

My (now) taller than me little sister turned 21 on May 16th and I promised her that I would be there to celebrate it in our hometown of Miamisburg, Ohio! Staci, a recent cosmetology grad, fashionista and expert of all things beauty, really is the best sister I could ask for! She is truly someone who embraces who she is and can pull off just about any kind of hairstyle, outfit or make-up she decides! (Unlike the majority of us!!!)

Since I now live in Charlotte, the drive to Ohio isn’t bad at all. I planned a road trip and spent a few days catching up with family, friends and of course the birthday girl!

For the big two-one, we went to the new Miami Valley Gaming Casino in Lebanon, Ohio. Staci also had some friends over and we made a stop at the hot spot in town for anyone who is between the ages of 21 and 35. ☺

Staci's First Drink

When I lived in Ohio, there weren’t Casinos and I was pleasantly surprised at how nice MVG was! Definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to have fun with friends, play slot machines, get some drinks, watch some sports or bet on horses! Staci and her friend Paige left the Casino positive but my mom and I lost $20, haha! ☹ We still had fun!


For me, going home to where I grew up always stirs up some nostalgia. I take great pride in my hometown of Miamisburg, Ohio and have great love for pretty much everything about it except its winters. ☺ The annual Miamisburg Spring Fling was taking place and “Spring Break in the Burg” where the adults make their rounds to all the local bars and restaurants in our awesome downtown. Nostalgia sets in and before I know it, it’s time to head back to my current home. I am so thankful that I was able to spend some time with Staci and my family for a few days, and look forward to the next time I make it home.

Cheers to being 21, Stace! Glad I could spend it with you!!

Shannon AKA “Yammy” (Staci’s nickname for me when she was little!)


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