Keep On, Keepin’ On (A Story of Perseverance)

June 30, 2013

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June 30 2013 – This week, I want to follow up my first blog about my dad (“Makin’ Do With Whatcha Have”) with a little piece about how I learned to “keep on, keepin’ on”.

I come from a paycheck to paycheck, cut it close and take a risk, punch-the-clock, 60+ hours a week, Monday through Saturday, fix it yourself, figure it out or do without, work for what you want world. This way of life and upbringing is the greatest blessing I could have ever asked for, and I thank both of my parents for this.

My father graduated high school in 1979 and immediately went to work at Ultra Punch of Dayton (my first sponsor) where he is the longest standing employee today. He grew up in a small town called Miamisburg, Ohio where he had humble beginnings and then met my mom. They married, bought a house, gave birth to a wonderful daughter (me), and another wonderful daughter five years later.

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